In a bid to reduce its number of highly trained workers, General Motors (GM) is reportedly offering skilled-trades workers a $60,000 buyout to leave the automaker's payroll by March. The Detroit-based company has "a couple thousand" more trade workers than it needs to run its U.S. factories, GM spokesman Chris Lee told the Reuters news agency.

Workers in skilled trades, such as electricians, represented by the United Auto Workers make higher wages than workers on the assembly line because of their special training, Reuters noted.

The buyout, which include early retirements, were offered to workers represented by the UAW at 14 plants, including the Orion Assembly plant in Michigan. That plant in October was named as home to the new Buick Verano compact sedan, which is expected to go into production next summer. Orion will also build a replacement for the Chevrolet Aveo subcompact to be renamed the Sonic.

Both models are being built at the Orion plant because of a cost-cutting agreement reached with the UAW that allows GM to pay new or rehired workers less than than their counterparts with more seniority.

Monday's announcement comes just weeks after GM, along with crosstown rival Chrysler Group, said it would hire an additional 1,000 engineers and researchers during the next two years to work on electric vehicles.

GM and the UAW will begin negotiations next year aimed at securing a new agreement on wages and benefits to replace an expiring four-year deal.

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Imported Chinese Parts are next to further flushing American jobs in the toilet.Thanks Government Motors.

December 14 2010 at 7:33 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is a continuing example of what our trade and economic policies are doing to our manufacturing and production sector. As an example, South Korea exports more than 400,000 vehicles a year to the US under a trade agreement that allows them to restrict imports of US vehicles and to charge high tariffs. And, for the jobs that remain in the US, in order to compete with off shore low cost labor the UAW has agreed to cut labor costs in half. Why do we want to have policies that reduce our standard of living to the levels of third world and developing nations? We need to revise our policies that leave our markets open to imports from countries that restrict access to their markets.

December 14 2010 at 7:11 AM Report abuse +3 rate up rate down Reply

Thats right GM! Just throw more taxpayers money at your problems.

December 14 2010 at 4:32 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

With my TAX DOLLARS !! That figures !! Has anyone asked the hard questions about Gov't Motors electric car ?? Like how long does a bank of batteries last?? or what about the natural resources like Lead, Sulfuric acid, plastic that is used to make the batteries, or how much more electric generating capacity will be needed ( Burning more coal, oil, nuclear ) to saticfy the demand by these electric saviors, or where does one plug this car in at work or while shopping or ANYWHERE except at home - this electric car may be a good concept on paper for a limited number of people but I have a hard time buying it for 95% of the population. this is the WRONG way to satisfy evvironmentally concerned people !!! Try CONSERVATION - don't drive as much - for a first step !

December 14 2010 at 3:00 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

First a bailout, then these buyouts? You have to love GM.

December 14 2010 at 1:28 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply


December 13 2010 at 10:18 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

I took early retirement from Mack Truck (UAW) in 2002. Recieved NO buy out and got 2800 a month pension plus death insurance, major medical, dental $1,200 a year, hearing, eye glasses. Then last year the UAW gave everything back to Mack - Now I pay higher copay on doctor visits, and emergency rooms and now I'm required to pay $100 dollars a month for both my wifes and my medical insurance programs. At the age of 62 my pension check went from 2,800 to 1,100 because I was then placed on social security. Oh and my pension went from $1,100 a month to $900 to pay for our insurance program. And Glenn Beck thinks the UAW is rapeing the auto industry - PRICELESS just call me Mr. Beck I worked 30 yrs in a UAW shop and I was a shop steward, committee man and a top negotiator.

December 13 2010 at 8:07 PM Report abuse +7 rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Joey's comment

It sounds more like they killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, finally.

December 13 2010 at 8:29 PM Report abuse +5 rate up rate down Reply

Wow you retired at 54 sure sounds like a "raping" to me!

December 13 2010 at 11:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The Union sold them out at Orion.

December 13 2010 at 7:06 PM Report abuse +6 rate up rate down Reply

Give them half there pensions and a new volt.That should do it.

December 13 2010 at 6:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply