Hertz feeHertz has agreed to refund customers the fees charged for its Plate Pass road-toll service on days it wasn't used, says Florida's attorney general.

The Plate Pass service bills rental car customers for road tolls (plus a usage fee) in lieu of them having to pay tolls at toll plazas. Florida claimed that Hertz didn't clearly tell consumers that, once they used the service, they would be billed $2.50 a day for the rest of the rental period, regardless if Plate Pass was used again.

When Hertz first offered the service, consumers were billed only for days that the pass was used, but in February 2009, Hertz changed its policy so that once the customer used the service, the consumer was charged each day for the rest of the rental, an investigation by Florida's Economic Crimes Division found. In November 2009, Hertz capped the fee at $10 per month.In March 2010, Hertz changed its disclosures about the daily fee and now agreed to continue to "clearly and conspicuously" tell consumers about the fee. Hertz also agreed to refund customers who were charged between Feb. 9, 2009 and March 31, 2010. The rental car company also will make a $10,000 donation to the Florida Law Enforcement Officer of the Year fund.

Consumers can apply for reimbursement by Jan. 16, 2011 and can also call (866) 966-7226.

Travelers can save on car rental expenses by taking simple steps that include renting from a company off the airport property, among other things.

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Hertz billed my bank debit card $90 in tolls without my knowledge or permission. While I did rent a car 3 weeks ago I did not go thru any tolls. They obviously have a hickup in there system and are not available to take care of the problem except monday thru friday.

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