Google Toolbar Spurs Another Privacy Lawsuit Google (GOOG) has been slapped with another privacy lawsuit, this time over its toolbar, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. A New York man alleges the toolbar software transmits users' Internet activity to the company, as well as misleads people into believing they can disable that transmission of personal data to the company.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, in a U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., is seeking class-action status. The toolbar complaint is the latest privacy related lawsuit to hit Google, which has also faced a firestorm of criticism over its Street View cars, which inadvertently collected some users personal information such as email addresses and passwords.

Google notes that its toolbar can glean data about search queries and Web sites visited that have personally identifying information, but it also points out those features can be used without transmitted such data, except as needed to use a Google account, according to Bloomberg.

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