Michael WolffA few weeks ago, we reported that Michael Wolff, the Vanity Fair columnist and Newser.com co-founder, was spending an awfully large amount of time around the offices of e5 Global Media, a company that was known to be scouting an editorial director to run its collection of media trades, Mediaweek, Adweek and Brandweek.

We put two and two together and called up Wolff to ask if he was, as it appeared, in talks for the job. "Get some stuff right for once," he snapped, and hung up.

So imagine our surprise, upon opening The New York Times this morning, to see that Wolff has indeed taken the job. We emailed him to gently remind him about how he tried to BS us, but haven't heard back yet.

But this is how he explained his reputation for rudeness to the Times (a paper that, by Wolff's reckoning, is doomed): "Media people are all egomaniacs. You either bow to that or not bow to that. If you don't bow to that you make enemies."

Congratulations, Michael.

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