YouTubeA Spanish court handed Google's YouTube another copyright win Thursday, saying it was the responsibility of Telecinco to notify YouTube whenever it noticed its copyrighted broadcast video had been uploaded to YouTube, according to a Google blog post.

For Google (GOOG), that win comes as the company is preparing to duke it out with Viacom (VIA) in federal appeals court.

Last month, Viacom appealed a lower court's ruling in its closely watched $1 billion copyright case against YouTube. Like Telecinco, the media giant said it was YouTube's responsibility to monitor and remove copyright material uploaded by its users. Viacom originally filed its suit back in 2006.

In commenting on the court's decision in Madrid, Google said in its blog: "This decision reaffirms European law which recognizes that content owners (not service providers like YouTube) are in the best position to know whether a specific work is authorized to be on an Internet hosting service and states that websites like YouTube have a responsibility to take down unauthorized material only when they are notified by the owner."

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Asking Google to know if a video is a copyright violation is like ask chrysler to find out if everyone driving their cars has a valid license. While I support Copyrights, and feel Artists/Content Creators should be compensated for their work. Who would know best? The person who made it, knowing what it is? Or the person viewing it, who without extensive research, don't know what it is or where it came from? Google is quick to pull once they are notified, (I've seen many videos that I found enjoyable removed). Some have returned courtesy of the Copyright holder, with info giving them credit, while others have disappeared, no longer opening the opportunity for newer persons to get a taste of something they might enjoy.

September 23 2010 at 10:25 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply