Crews are working to replace a Rolls-Royce engine in one of Boeing's (BA) five 787 Dreamliner test jets after the engine experienced a power surge before takeoff.

It's not yet clear if the 787's test schedule will be affected, Yvonne Leach, a spokeswoman for Boeing, told Bloomberg News.

"We'll resume testing as soon as possible," Leach said.

The 787's first delivery has been delayed a number of times in the last two years, as Boeing struggles with issues including new materials, redesign work and parts shortages.

The latest incident, which took place on Sept. 10, was isolated to one engine on the test plane, Leach said.

"Power surges do occur," Fred Mirgle, retired chairman of aviation maintenance at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, told Bloomberg News. "It's not something that I would get really excited about."

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