After 22 years with education publisher John Wiley & Sons (JW.A) and 13 years as its chief executive officer, William Pesce announced that he will retire on April 30, 2011. He will be replaced next May by Stephen Smith, a veteran of the company and the current COO, a position he was promoted to in 2009. Pesce, who was appointed CEO in 1998, will also be nominated for a board set at Wiley's annual shareholders meeting next year.

During his time with Wiley, Pesce led the company through significant expansion of its higher education division and spearheaded record financial results. Sales and profits have been on the rise throughout the end of 2009's fiscal year and the beginning of 2010, with Wiley reporting first quarter sales of $408 million, a 5% increase from last year, and an 11% rise in operational income to $63 million compared to 12 months ago. Much of those jumps are directly attributed to "strong growth" in Wiley's higher education and professional/trade divisions, along with a doubling in digital sales for both those sectors.

In a statement, company chairman Peter Booth Wiley said that Pesce "thoughtfully guided Wiley through the most significant changes in its 203-year history, including consummating the company's largest acquisition; capitalizing on investments in enabling technology to serve customers better; and generating record financial results. [Pesce] has contributed enormously to Wiley's nurturing and supportive culture, which is a tremendous source of competitive advantage for the company."

As part of Wiley's Q1 earnings announcement earlier in the month, Pesce looked ahead to the company's outlook in 2011, reiterating their mid-single-digit revenue growth on a currency neutral basis. The company also continues to project earnings per share growth of approximately 10% from fiscal year 2010 adjusted EPS of $2.58, excluding the effect of foreign exchange and a deferred tax benefit from the UK.

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Helmut Richard Goett

Filthy racism @ publisher John Wiley & Sons‏

Publisher John Wiley & Son’s Chairman P.B. Wiley is a racist

Chairman Peter Booth Wiley is a worst-case racist who likes to use obscene expressions. He is also promoting race discriminations in an evil way - that is what sociologists refer to as intentional discrimination. His idea of proposing canned edible John Wiley & Sons textbooks for the African university markets will turn into a real can of worms for him.

Listen to Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’ mud slinging, the champion of all things African: "With my great invention of canned edible learning products I have solved the African hunger and illiteracy problems for everyone not suffering from bulimia and learning disorders". In America people think it's cool to be stupid. Chairman Peter Booth Wiley was sliding off his chair and tried hard to push himself back up again. His racial joke amused him so much that he burst into laughter and whisky sprayed out from his mouth. "I want to bring edible education tools to them Negroes". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley virulent attack speech is a repulsive, bad American dream come true! John Wiley & Sons itself is an uncivilized and racist assault to the very idea of academic freedom.

The First Amendment to the American Constitution covers Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s hate speech and makes him an honorary Ku Klux Klan member, where such racism flourishes. "I know another one", he announced with tears of laughter in his eyes. "Do you know the colonial law of the plantations in Africa?" The master-slave interpretations of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley take Africans to a new low point of reference. "Twenty-one on the ass to make the lazy ****** work again" he told for extra credit. After his reflection on race relations in Amerikkka, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley shrieked and was shaken with laughter. It's the same old filthy dehumanizing business that has been at the core of John Wiley & Sons all along.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. might have to recall its contaminated edible canned education books.

"Selling our products in Africa is like throwing pearls before swine". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley became more and more bad tempered. "They don’t have the brains of human beings". He talked himself into a mind-boggling rage. "These dumb black hate mongers". Chairman Peter Booth Wiley spoke one language, and was especially fluent in a 2nd: racism!

The hell knows why, but Chairman Peter Booth Wiley insists he is not a racist; he only likes to stay in his own lane, race wise. "I am not one of those people" the Chairman slapped his knee and gurgled with laughter and sent more whisky gurgling down his throat. He will learn the hard lessons of the instantaneous digital world very soon. Chatter on the web makes outrage spread virally faster and hotter across this world than John Wiley & Sons could put a razor-wire fence around it.

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