Samsung NX100 Unveiled: Lightweight Camera Features Clever Controls

Samsung NX100 Camera Unveiled With $599 Price TagSamsung Electronics (SSNLF) trotted out its new NX100 mirrorless camera Tuesday, touting its i-Function lens system, which allows users to control the camera via a button and focus ring around the lens. The i-Function system allows users to jump from one shutter speed to the next, change aperture settings and shift between EV, WB and ISO, all while keeping the camera aimed at its subject, according to a report at Engadget.

While Samsung's announcement didn't carry a price tag or ship date, is reporting it will carry a $599 price tag and and debut in 12 countries this month. That price tag is comparable to its the kissing cousin, the Samsung NX10, which has a tad more heft. Both offer high-quality images like an SLR, but, because they are mirrorless, they do so without as much bulk.

Of course, not everyone wants a souped-up camera, and Samsung's offerings extend down into the mid-tier and low-end with point-and-shoot models such as the PL90. But investors tend to cheer when companies' product lines go after every dollar a consumer holds, and they usually cheer loudest when those products go after big bucks.

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