Quatdurple Witching DayAfter one of the deadest weeks of trading in memory, volume and volatility could very well pick up in the days ahead, says Alan Valdez, director of trading operations at DME Securities. Just don't expect it to last.

Traders will get earnings reports from economic bellwethers FedEx (FDX), Best Buy (BBY) and Oracle (ORCL) over the next five sessions, as well as the latest inflation data, industrial production figures, some regional manufacturing numbers and more.

But what should really put some pep into the equity markets is Quadruple Witching Day on Friday. That's when four different types of equity contracts all expire on the same date.

The market has a history of putting up weekly gains when they end with Witching days, but don't mistake the tape for the trend. The midterm elections remain the next next big catalyst for the market, Valdez says, and until we're past them, plenty of money will stay on the sidelines. For more on Valdez's take from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYX), see the video below (which erroneously says this Friday is a Triple Witching Day).

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The witch is a very difficult entity to deal with... I'll stick with stocks, which outperfom the market. It's too difficult to tell, which witch is correct. Open your eyes to the outside world and see what's happening... I see recovery, so shake a leg! :-)

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Soory for bad spelling, always runnig. We should not worry so much about wallstreet and the banks, remember, they where the problem in the first place, never mind that welfare housing give away. If we as americans just do as we can for ourselves and not bow down to the games the banks, credit cards, and wallstreet play we WILL come out of this mess with NO thanks to our govement system.. What I mean is to be careful and mind your own store per say. If you think gas is to high screw it and dont drive if you dont have to, if that ice cream cost to much screw it too, the list goes on, this Will snap the system out on its own. Some say if we dont buy then america suffers, well thats true but who are we not buying from? If you can buy from your local farm do so, that helps the locals. watch oil prices, if they go down then fill up, as soon as it creeps up nickle and dime your tank, the market and those in control depend on you not to be sharp and there waiting to see how you spend, they to hold out but for how long? We as americans can swing this around, not washington, there the ones with there welfare per say that got us here and now they want to use our money to fix it, how can the problem fix the problem? it cant, as we can see. Its up to YOU AND ME to take charge and THINK every day what we do. This green thing also has put a damper in our lives, this green thing is over rated and why? $$$$$ big guns who are pushing it have BIGO stocks in solar ect... trust me, i haul solor panels and the ceo's tell me the story. Yes we all need to do our part but why all of a sudden when Obama got in are we melting? we all need plug in cars? we all need to listen to Al Gore? do you really think if we all did only green things that it would cancel out the crap floating in China and around the world? maybe if we lived in a bubble. ANYTIME!!!!! the govement is wanting us to do ANYTHING and at the same time saying they care for our kids furture( scare) its for those who hold stock and our had gotten campain money, or a family member wants a govement grant to open green shops, wake up. its been going on for a long time but now its really bad. Dont listen to what wallstreet had to say, its all smoke up the azz, you can take what they say and fourm your own thoughts. Dont let anyone pull your strings americans, you have a mind of your own, your all very smart people, its just over time the govemerment has some how snuck into you core values and told you they know whats best for you. They dont. America is built on people and not the govement who forgot who they worked for.

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What ever, can anyone see, fuel (diesel) prices are on the rise. over night. The wallstreet greed a-holes play the GDP and transportaion as a gem in there pocket, this causes oil to rise out of a maybe more trucks will be on the road due to better GDP numbers. these numbers are lies for sure. But we never learn. Oil will never ever be stable as it was in the years gone by, its to easy to play with on the matket only because the U.S has nothing really to offer in the market so oil and the dollar compete, never mind gold. So when everyones so dam happy the market is in the gain mode you will pay at the food markets and such. I own a trucking company and every day we have to adjust transportation fuel prices because of the dollar that competes with oil, it has nothing to due with China buying up oil as wallstreet likes to blame, its wallstreet playing with your pockets, its a fact, the truth hurts. I glad the market is stable but watch out, many are on a short sell and by weekends it will flop back 300points, its happened all the weeks gone by. Notice? Monday the markets good, by Thursday its a sell off. But oil will drop but it takes weeks and weeks to see the savings at the pumps and markets but as soon as oil gains .10 cents man the station owners are running for there signs to raise the price, this thinking WILL be our new down fall, trust me, no one wants to give a inch so the GDP and others in the market can get strong and stay strong, its a sell off for the next 5-10 years, Stable times? dont see it. All I see is greed. one foe all and all for one.

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Yeah that really does make a lot of sense dude. www.real-anonymity.es.tc

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1 reply to tiggymow's comment

Your annoying.

September 13 2010 at 12:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Halloween, the devil made me do it. Witch's and enchantments, give it a break.

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Maybee, but Govt money can certainly run it up. For a while.

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Here we go with another fake run up of the market. Trying to entice all the money on the sidelines back into the market so the "BIG" players can take it back out. I hope the American consumer/investor/taxpayer doesn't fall for this one again.....

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