NOAAIn response to public interest on the BP (BP) oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a new customizable interactive map of the spill's impact on the Gulf.

The map allows users to select various data, which is displayed dynamically. Data options include the location of the leak, the trajectory of the spill on- and offshore, wildlife observations and the weather, as well as many other variables. Data is updated regularly.

The map below, generated by the interactive map tool, shows the extent of the oil on the water as of June 14 (light blue means light oil levels present, while dark blue means heavy levels present) and the boundaries of the fishing ban (in red).

The information displayed on the map is drawn from NOAA observations, as well as from data from Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, the Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, NASA , U.S. Geological Survey and the Gulf states.

The NOAA map is available here:

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