iPads showing different displaysA huge iPad data breach has left thousands of A-listers with their emails exposed and AT&T apologizing for the gaffe.

The technology industry site Gawker.com is reporting that a web security group exploited vulnerabilities of AT&T's network and collected 114,000 user accounts from iPad 3G users, including ABC News' Diane Sawyer, film mogul Harvey Weinstein and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Using a script on AT&T's website, Goatse Security obtained the email addresses of iPad users signed up for 3G data plans through the use of ICC-IDs which are unique to each iPad.

AT&T acknowledged the security breach in a statement to Gawker and says the breach -- which also could have left every other iPad user exposed -- was corrected this week.

Consumer Ally tried but could not reach Apple for comment.

This isn't the first time a security breach has 3G connections. WalletPop reported in January about a vulnerability with GSM phones and the cryptographic system used to secure the connections that was exposed by a research team.

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