Each week, WalletPop looks back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

Everyone knows weddings are costly, even if you're not the bride or groom (or their parents!). Sally from Money Crashers shares some tips on how to keep your expenses in check while still having a good time.

With the pool of job applicants higher than ever, it's getting harder and harder for potential hires to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. Those who are desperate might think it wise to fib a little bit on their resume but Jeanine Skowronski of MainStreet explains why this probably isn't the best of ideas.

Conventional wisdom has always been that it's nearly impossible to build credit without getting a credit card or a loan. However, this is changing thanks to a new consumer reporting agency that can help young people (and others without a credit score) build a credit history. DoughRoller.net has the details.

Have an iPhone? Don't want to pay for an expensive stand? In a DIY kind of mood? You're in luck. Amy-Mae Elliott from Mashable takes a look at some ways to set up an iPhone stand at work or anywhere else using just a few household objects.

Finally, one of consumers' biggest pet peeves has always been shoddy customer service. From long hold times to clueless phone reps that re-connect you to 20 different people on one call, great customer service seems like a relic from days gone by. Not so. Wisebread takes a look at some companies that go above and beyond to help keep their customers coming back for more.

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