Kobo makes a great gift for dadHere's a nice one to show Dad your appreciation on Father's Day.

Kobo, the cheapest e-book reader thus far is debuting on June 17, but Borders will let you pre-order now. So what if it doesn't have Wi-Fi or spot 3g wireless, at $149.99 it's one heck of a deal (compare it to $259 for Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook).

The device comes loaded with 100 classics, if you need more than that just log on to your computer, download your selections, and transfer them to the e-reader through a USB.

Engulfed with the impending threat of the arrival of Apple's iPad and other such feature-rich tablets about to hit the market, the dedicated e-book readers are now fighting back with low prices. Kobo's delicious price is the first indication of this strategy. A recent study predicts that digital textbooks would account for one in five textbook sales in 2014. So manufacturers are all gunning to capture that market and position their products. It is likely that Amazon's Kindle, Sony reader and Barnes and Noble's Nook will soon follow in a plunge to the bottom.

Consumers, rejoice!

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