Sears has nearly 7,000 job openings and is now soliciting applicants using Twitter. These are not new jobs to support a growing business, but openings that need to filled at existing locations. This number -- 7,000 -- caught my attention, but the use of Twitter by Sears was even more interesting. Sears, Twitter and 7,000 available jobs aren't words often seen strung together, until now.

We keep hearing about people getting hired because of social networking, but now companies are recruiting through Twitter with increasing frequency. Sears is just the latest large company to use a service like TweetMyJOBS to find applicants for all kinds of positions. "We're Tweeting jobs from cashier all the way to vice president of our company," says a Sears spokeswoman. "And reaching out to a whole group of job seekers that might not be looking at traditional job boards."

Sears' 7,000 positions went out via TweetMyJOBS last week and applications started coming in almost immediately. For job hunters, this may well be the best way to land an interview. "A lot of employers have told us a lot of positions are first come, first served," explains Rich Trombetta, co-founder of TweetMyJOBS. Others stop taking applications after a pre-determined number are received. "The power of Twitter is that the jobs are in real time."

Listings from companies like Sears are collected throughout the day. "It's just a matter of minutes from the time the job is posted to when it goes out on the Twitter feed," says Trombetta. "It's is becoming a race for certain jobs." Staying in the lead is easier though, thanks to the ability to customize a Twiiter feed by occupation or geographic location. Sign up for the service, follow on Twitter and have only the jobs you're interested in forwarded to your feed or smartphone.

TweetMyJOBS is Twittering more than a million jobs a month, for large companies like Sears, Motorola, McDonald's, and even AOL. The Sears positions are across all Sears Holdings brands including Kmart and Land's End. Many are retail jobs and appropriate for entry level workers.

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