craft fabric crabIf one of your New Year's resolutions is to finally start making some money on your cute hand-knit scarves or famed secret-recipe jam, you won't want to miss this offer from get a 30-day color ad on the popular shopping site for just $75.

The price is right for anyone who wants to market to the Facebook crowd but can't afford space on the social networking site. Fredflare sells kitschy, quirky clothes, accessories and home goods -- so if your customers are the same ones trolling Etsy and Urban Outfitters, this is the place to slap your ad.

And if the price alone doesn't hook you, consider this: all you have to do to place your ad on Fredflare is add it to your shopping cart on the site -- the same way you would if you were buying a Mr. T In Your Pocket or a Budget Cuts Piggy Bank.

In under a minute, you'll have made good on your first promise of 2010. If only dropping fifteen pounds was this easy.

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