Rock-bottom movie rentals for as little as 4 cents an hour

bigbox If you can't stomach paying $1 for a one-night Redbox rental, there's a new option to drastically cut your movie rental costs. BigBox DVD, a company located in Blaine, Minn., rents old titles for 4 cents an hour, new DVDs for 6 cents an hour, and Blu-ray titles for 9 cents an hour. So you could in theory, with time budgeted for pick up and return, pay 16 cents to watch a movie.

Of course, if you keep the rental overnight, you'll be paying as much or more than Redbox. At 4 cents an hour, a 24-hour rental adds up to 96 cents. At 6 cents an hour, you'll pay $1.44 for a full day.

Current titles include "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Julie and Julia," and "Public Enemies."

To rent from BigBox you'll need a credit card. The way it works is that you buy credits that are then deducted as your DVD sits around your house waiting to be returned. You must have a minimum of $1 on your account to rent. You can't return a disc unless you have enough credits to pay for it. Sneaky!

BigBox gives a 10% bonus in rental credits if you buy $10 to $20 of credits up front.

Sounds pretty good, huh? The bad news is that BigBox only has locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Doh!

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