This could be one for the books, under the heading "World's Cheapest Wedding."

Yeah, it was a publicity stunt hosted by 99-Cent Only Stores, but just think, no worries about renting a hall, what's on the menu or even contacting a minister, just plunk down your George Washington and get in line with your intended along with eight other couples.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=717143&pid=717142&uts=1252612417
Weddings at the Dollar Store
There's trimming back on wedding expenses, and then there's trimming back. A wedding for less than a buck? You betcha! See the wild happenings at the 99 Cents Only wedding extravaganza on 9/9/09!
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99-Cent Only Stores will even reimburse the chosen couples up to $70 each for the cost of their marriage licenses. What a deal!

Elsy Guardado, of 99-Cent Only Stores, tells me that the nine couples were chosen by a random draw and they each were permitted nine guests each, (what else?) and all of the decorations, appetizers and other refreshments were provided by 99-Cent Only Stores from the many grocery items and other sundries that they carry. "Dollar Doctor," Kathy Jacobs, created the Chanel-inspired wedding gown and backdrop you see pictured entirely out of items from 99-Cent Only Stores.

Apparently, the dress is made from T-shirts, table runners, doilies and loofahs. Wow. The wedding ceremonies were held at the store's Wilshire/Fairfax store, near Beverly Hills. An ordained, non-denominational minister conducted each of the nine ceremonies separately.

The date chosen for the festivities, 9/9/09, is being billed as 'The Luckiest Day of the Century," but of course, the fact that it contains all nines is no accident, especially since that date falls on a Wednesday, a very non-traditional day for getting married. I asked my unmarried 20-something daughter what she thought about getting married at a dollar store in a doily dress. Her reaction: "OMG! I'm a little horrified, but I'm also vastly impressed."

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for home decorating using only items from the dollar store.

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