Teenagers and college students have the time to become acclimated with their chosen field, and because of this, the search for summer internships is on the rise.

However, students are faced with low availability or the other alternative – the unpaid internship. At this point the decision between summer income and gaining experience is crucial. Most students would choose to have summer income to cover the rising expenses of school, travel, leisure or even family support.

Investing their summer time to gain experience and build up a strong resume to enter the labor market is seen as the wise choice. Wouldn't it be great to combine both decisions? The paid internship is every student's dream. However, once again, the availability is low.

Fortunately, students have the advantage of Web 2.0 to aid them in their summer job search. Specifically, the launch of Twitter allows employers to enter a job post, and students to reply; all done within 140 characters or lest. It's a micro job search that will revolutionize the labor market. This is how I did it:

• I created a Twitter profile (@Damanick)
• Searched for businesses that matched my interest using www.search.twitter.com
• Followed these businesses "tweets" (micro blogged feeds)
• Noticed that WalletPop "tweeted" about a summer paid internship
• I replied @WalletPopper and then remained in contact via e-mail
• Now, I'm a summer intern helping others through articles like this

There you have it, job search in six simple steps. It appears that others are catching along. New Twitter profiles that exclusively offer a service to match employers with job seekers are on the rise.

For example, TwitterJobSearch.com, which acts as a job search engine hosted on Twitter. If you choose to conduct your job searching via Twitter, your profile page will serve as your main introduction; similar to how LinkedIn provides a networking platform for corporate workers.

Here are some tips to help make your Twitter Profile appropriate and unique for employers:
• It's all about who you know! Gain as many followers and/or follow others who share similar interests within your desired field of work.
• A professional photo (business attire).
• Simple design or just the standard Twitter default background will do.
• Let it be known that you are currently searching for a job.
• Make yourself an expert in your field by crafting your Twitter Bio (160 characters max).
• Include your Twitter Name in every e-mail you send. Create your own brand.

I'll be doing a series all summer long on how people out there are making ends meet as summer interns. If you have a good story to share, email me at damanick.dantes@corp.aol.com.

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