• Another day, another bossnapping: Another boss in France, this time at an auto parts factory, was held hostage by workers.
  • Caught on tape: A Florida woman, who set up a live video surveillance after her home was burglarized, watched live from work, over the internet, as her home was burglarized, again! She called the cops, who came just in time, as the footage shows.
  • Book deal!: Meghan McCain scores a book deal, earning in the high six-figures. In true daughter-of-famous-person fashion, no one is entirely sure what the book will be about. This will be her second book, following up last year's My Dad, John McCain. Yes, that is actually the title.
  • Do as they do: MoneyMonk breaks down why its better to look at how financial gurus made a ton of money than just listening to their advice about 401ks.
  • Soda tax: Here's one way to help New York's budget woes and fight obesity -- a tax on soda.

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