The latest news in the case of the alleged $8 billion Ponzi shceme perpetrated by Allen Stanford is that... he says he didn't do it. Now isn't that clever and unexpected? In an interview with ABC News, Stanford apparently said he didn't really run a Ponzi scheme, and he'd "die and go to hell" if his business was a Ponzi scheme.

Well all right then. That's all I needed to hear. Move along. Nothing to see here.

If only it were that simple. And if only those who invested money with Stanford were going to have such an easy time getting their money back. I say we let Stanford prove that he didn't run a Ponzi scheme. Just go ahead and refund everyone's money to them. If it's not a Ponzi, surely there are funds available?

Stanford says there are funds, but that government agencies have frozen account and other assets in order to hopefully collect for investors. It will be interesting to see how much is really available from those frozen assets. And I'd be thrilled if there really was enough money out there to make investors whole. Somehow, I doubt it.

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Regina Jones

Keith Barkley/Cherith Music Group Scam

We entered into an agreement with Keith Barkley in which he would record 6 songs a month to complete a project of literally hundreds of songs that we have written. In the beginning he said he LOVED our music and that GOD had TOLD HIM to work with us to record it all. We were to pay him $360 a month every month until they were all finished. In the agreement we were supposed to APPROVE his work before accepting it as the FINAL MASTER. This man took 7 months to even start to finish the 12 songs that the agreement stated he needed to finish in 2 months plus he changed the melody lines of our music, did not do the music correctly, he was THE WORST person we have ever worked with musically EVER! He is ATE up with PRIDE so much that he does not even hear what the client wants he thinks everything he wants to do is "THE GOSPEL"! When we told him about the changes he was making he FORCED the changes on us basically by NEVER doing what we asked him to do, but only lingering it out so long until we got so frustrated that he was NEVER getting done that we had to take what we could get for the money we had given him. We wisened up by the 2nd month to what was happening and backed out of doing any more songs with him but then he even took longer since we were not part of his monthly meal ticket anymore. When I finally demanded he finish the work (7 months later) he put us down, told me that I had demon spirits and put our music down saying it was not good and TACKED GOD ON IT of course! I guess GOD must have changed his mind from the beginning about Keith Loving our music and about it being HIS CALLING to work with our music. :) This man is a POOR EXCUSE of a Christian and HORRIBLE Business owner! He does NOT care what the client desires, only what he wants to do. He even told my husband that out of all of the years of recording that he has NEVER been wrong about anything! When he finally sent us the project, one song is so bad we can not even use it and he sent one song without any vocals on it at all. Plus after he started getting the monthly payment even though he had not finished the months songs before, he started demanding payment for the next month when he had shoved our project on the back burner as he was taking many more projects to support his "ministry and his family". So what he is doing is taking tons of work demanding money upfront and not finishing the work in a timely manner and not producing the music in the way it was written. Plus he charges to be on his music label or to be affliated with his Music Group. So anyone that charges for things like that is a Scammer! DO NOT HIRE HIM FOR YOUR PROJECT!

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