Recession's bad for baseball, but good for its fans

You take the good news where you can get it, and with baseball season beginning today, it is kind of good news to hear that baseball isn't recession-proof.

OK, it's not good news for the next baseball player, perhaps, who wants to put their name on a contract for a $1.4 million signing bonus or whatever the going rate is these days, but it should be welcome news for fans that a lot of baseball teams are reducing ticket prices and doing whatever they can to bring fans in. As well they should. It's expected that after five years of having stadiums filled (over 70 million people going to games), that attendance might drop by 7% this year.

This isn't by any means an all-encompassing list, and some of these deals are only aimed at the avid baseball fan and not the casual, come-occasionally sorts, but if you're thinking about buying baseball tickets anytime soon, maybe this will help you decide if you want to open your wallet:

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