Toys R Us introduces "$1-$2-$3 Fun!" toy bargains

Toys R Us has come up with a cool way to help parents treat their kids to a cheap toy by creating a central location in their stores for toys priced at $1, $2, and $3. The new section called "$1-$2-$3 Fun!" launches today at Toys R Us stores across the country and will offer 100 items in this price range.

The low priced section will feature toys from the following five categories
  • Dinosaurs - dinosaur eggs, glow-in-the-dark figures, stickers and key chains
  • Fun Toys - tic-tac-toe, puzzles, foam darts, a wind-up fishing game and other toys
  • Princess Dress Up - mirrors, "diamond" rings, necklaces and tiaras, purses, wands and shoes
  • Musical Instruments - recorders, tambourines, kazoos, harmonicas, bells, saxophones, horns and maracas
  • Art Tools - coloring books, scratch cards, paintbrushes, paint by number sets, scissors
On top of being a cheap way to pick up a toy for your kid this is a cool way to begin to teach them the value of money. If you hand your kid a $5 bill and send him to the Funshop he will quickly learn that he can choose quite a few different combinations of toys with his five-spot. You can even open up the toy search to the entire store, teaching him what he can get if he saves his money for a few weeks.

I think this lineup of cheap toys is a cool addition to the Toys R Us stores since it focuses on toys that require a bit of imagination to use, something many high priced toys lack these days.

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