Every job hunter knows what rejection is like, and now the world's most wanted man does too.

A video application submitted by someone as "Osama bin Laden" for a dream job looking after a tropical island in Australia was rejected by Tourism Queensland, according to a Reuters story. The video of bin Laden's application is on YouTube, or you can watch it after the jump.

More than 11,000 video applications have been sent in since the tourism group advertised the $96,000 (AU 150,000) "best job in the world" as caretaker of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

The 30-second prank video of bin Laden has nonsensical sounds dubbed over his real voice. In subtitles he argues his case for the six-month job by describing himself as "outgoing," "familiar with sandy areas" and experienced with " large scale event coordination," according to Reuters. He lists his interests as arts, crafts and renovating.

A spokeswoman for Tourism Queensland said the prankster made an official application, including the required video that got onto YouTube, but the application was rejected because the content was deemed inappropriate

Applications are being accepted at www.islandreefjob.com through Feb. 22. The tourism group has spent $1.7 million marketing the job and has received applicants from 162 countries. The idea, obviously, is to attract tourists to the island, and the worker who gets the dream job will get to roam the island and blog about it, while living in an oceanfront villa.

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