I was in line at Dollar Tree today, and noticed that it had pregnancy tests for $1 each.

Even a store brand pregnancy test will set you back $8.49 at CVS and a pack of two First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Tests costs $21.99.

So how can Dollar Tree offer one at less than 1/8th the cost of the CVS one? That product is described as over 99% accurate -- so does that mean that the Dollar Tree brand should be 12.375% accurate? It's all very confusing. The Dollar Tree tests say "over 99% accurate" too but then again -- didn't dollar stores get busted for selling lead-laced toothpaste?

The topics of dollar store pregnancy tests was discussed on Yahoo! Answers and the general consensus seems to be that they are just as good as the more expensive models. But then why are the CVS ones so much more expensive?

With something like a pregnancy test, I think it's probably worth shelling out the extra cash and getting one at CVS: If you can't afford an $8 pregnancy test, you shouldn't be trying to have a child anyway. Save the dollar store for wicked baskets and Stryofoam cups.

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Luna Lyngsø Wilkinso

The strip inside to meassure amount of hormone cost 50 cent. Probably only ten. The rest is packaging, advertising, exposure and popularity. It has nothing to do with "if you can't afford an 8 dollar test, then maybe you shouldn't have kids". As a home test, I think it is absolutely fine. Most places like, a clinic, midwife or doctor will perform a new test at their facility. The test is also 50 cent at their place - probably ten cents. Now, if you cant afford the doctor's visit, that is different than cutting the cost of a simple home pregnancy test.

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If you go read all the different forums on people that have taken the Dollar tree tests, you will see that they are just as accurate. Not sure why people are being all judgy about the Dollar Tree. it seriously takes the dollar tree about five cents to make those tests. And since those other ones are expensive is because the consumer is paying for the brand name. Not really for the test. They can make products very cheap. Yes they have products that you probably want to go the extra few dollars to buy at a grocery store, such as tooth paste, personal care products, and probably food, since they have some products that I personally don't want to eat. But as far as pregnancy tests, when there are families out there that are trying to conceive or are having issues trying to conceive it is tons cheaper to go buy a pregnancy test at the dollar tree I mean you can't be a dollar a test. And I find that some people would rather spend those extra dollars on actual things for the baby. It doesn't mean they are poor or can't afford a baby. It is a product that doesn't carry a brand name and works just as well as the others.
Just like at a pharmacy if you didn't have health insurance they have a name brand and they have a generic brand. If you were going to save $200.00 for some antibiotic by switching to the generic one wouldn't you do that? I know the numbers are larger than what a pregnancy test costs, But you catch my drift on if you could save money for something you are going to be using for a while you probably would

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first of all dude idk where you were at but those damn pregnancy test at cvs don't cost no damn 8 dollars better try like 16 dollars. and why is a man covering pregnancy anyway??

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