I've probably bought 20 or more Entertainment Books over the years, those collections of coupons hawked by not-for-profit groups that promise to save the user many times the cost of the book. Now the company that makes these books is offering an on-line deal for the 2009 version, $5 off plus free shipping. They are available for most sizable communities in the U.S.

I wonder, however, if these are really a value. The cost to me is only $20 with this deal, but, looking back, I doubt I've recouped the price of a book more than a couple of times. Why? Because I'm human. I forget, or I don't want to eat at the restaurant offering the deal, or I don't want to eat within the time limitations, or no movies are playing that I want to see. Pretty soon, I've lost track of the book.

For me, this falls in the realm of good intention purchases. I know that I can save money, but I fail to concede my inability to remember to make use of it. Much like gym memberships and DVD foreign language lessons, it speaks to the person I wish I was, not the one I am.

I'd be very interested in your experience with Entertainment books. Do you buy them? Use them? Save more than the purchase price? Take a moment to take the poll below, and I'll report back on the results.

Thanks, Cash Money Life

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