Today we celebrate Veterans Day, to honor the millions of Americans who put the well-being of their country before personal gain, and without whom we could not enjoy the freedoms that cannot be bought, no matter how much money we have. This is a good day to remember that the economic problems we face today seem trivial compared to the price paid to defend our ability to experience them.

  • War of Independence - 217,000 served, 4,435 dead, 6,188 wounded
  • War of 1812 - 286,740 served, 2,260 dead, 4,505 wounded
  • Mexican-American War - 78,718 served, 1,733 killed, 4,152 wounded
  • American Civil War - 3.2 million served, 215,000 killed, unknown wounded
  • Spanish-American War -306,765 served, 385 killed, 1,662 wounded
  • First World War - 4,734,991 served, 53,402 killed, 204,002 wounded
  • Second World War - 16,112, 566 served, 291,557 killed, 671,846 wounded
  • The Korean War - 5,720,000 served, 33,741 killed, 103,284 wounded
  • The Vietnam War - 8,744,000 served, 47,424 killed, 153,303 wounded
  • Gulf War - 2,225,000 served, 147 killed, 467 wounded
  • War in Afghanistan
  • War in Iraq

Add to this list the millions of Americans who served behind the lines in our nation's wars, those who fought in the undeclared wars, and those who served in times of peace, equally ready lay their lives on the line at any moment should the need arise.

Thank you, one and all.

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