The Boston Globe recently reported that a lack of high speed Internet connections are keeping many rural homes from selling.

With more than 55% of the nation currently using broadband and many people, including myself, placing it up there with breathing on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, it's no wonder broadband is a deal breaker. Even though close to 90% of the nation is wired up for broadband, many rural homes still lack a decent Internet connection. And apparently many home buyers aren't willing to settle for a slower connection.

While real estate brokers have seen deals called off after potential buyers learned that there was no high speed connection, I've taken a more proactive approach. If my wife and I see a rural house we like, I'll call up the local cable office or go online to a DSL provider to see if the address is able to get a high speed connection. Just last week I saw a nice looking house on the edge of town, but before I could even share it with my wife I found out it was incapable of getting broadband from any provider which made sharing it unnecessary.
However, not all homeowners are dissuaded by the lack of a traditional high speed connection. A close friend recently purchased a house and upon finding out that he was just outside the range for broadband, chose to use a data card from Verizon for Internet access. While this is more costly than a broadband connection from the cable company, to him, the ability to have a fast connection is well worth it!

Since the only homes not able to access high-speed internet connections are those located in the areas which are the hardest to get broadband to, I don't see this problem going away anytime soon. My only advice to sellers stuck in areas without a high speed connection is that, when possible, to front the cost and lobbying efforts to get lines run to the house. Also for sellers in rural environments who do have high speed Internet connections; I highly recommend advertising that the same way you would central air!

via Boston Gal's Open Wallet

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