Listen up, girls! Not everything you buy to help you look your best has to cost a lot. Here are some exceptional finds that only cost a buck each.

1. A large emery board at Wal-mart costs .97 cents. At the dollar store, you get a pack of two the same size for $1.

2. The manicure set I saw at Wal-mart came in a travel case and included a nail file, tweezers, fingernail clippers and cuticle scissors. The price? $7.97. For $6.97 less, you can have a manicure set that includes tweezers, both toenail and fingernail clippers and cuticle scissors. No case included but is a case worth all that extra cash?

3. The cotton pads (they're also called cosmetic rounds in some circles) that we use for removing make-up and nail polish, come in a package of 100 for a buck at the dollar store. The same number of pads cost .76 cents more at Wal-mart.

4. There are lots of hair accessories to choose from at the dollar store but an example would be a pack of ouch-less hair elastics for $1 as compared to $4.48 at Wal-mart.

5. A large square hand mirror is $6.97 at Wal-mart, while a slightly smaller version of the same thing is only a buck you-know-where. The dollar store mirror is about 7 1/2 inches wide, which is still a respectable size. Likewise, a two-sided stand-up mirror which costs $12.97 at Wal-mart can be had in a smaller version for only $1. I guess the huge difference in price here is because the Wal-mart mirror is made of metal as compared to the dollar store mirror, which is framed in plastic.

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6. I see that they're now making hair brushes that are "ion infused" to help tame static electricity. But if you're opting for just your ordinary hair brush, a rectangular brush with a gel handle is $4.96 at Wal-mart. The same style at the dollar store has a cushy handle as well but costs $3.96 less. What's not to like?

All in all, you'll save over $34 by buying these few beauty items at the dollar store instead of a department store. Wow. You could buy one of your favorite beauty potions with that kind of cash!

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She write tips and ideas on decorating using only items found at the dollar store.

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