Here are two little secrets:

The first: Secret Flawless brand Deodorant is hiding prizes in its product, including several faux diamonds that can be traded in for an actual one-carat diamond worth $15,000.

The promotion, which began August 31, runs through June 30, 2009. That's a lot of time to sweat over it. Giveaway chits you might find include ones that can be redeemed for gift cards, movie tickets and fancy dinners. If you find a game piece in your stick of deodorant (and I'm not visualizing how exactly they get those in there. Wouldn't that be messy?), contact the company here and redeem your prize.

A bit bling, perhaps, as promotions go. But as long as you're buying deodorant anyway, couldn't hurt to buy a bottle that offers you the potential of value-added.

And the second secret? My boyfriend has been known to use my Secret brand deodorant when he's forgotten his. Guess he never heard the famous jingle, "Secret: Strong enough for a man...but made for a woman." I'll forgive him completely, however, if he finds me the diamond game piece.

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