Is it hot where you live? It's HOT here in Portland. And I want nothing more right now than a variety of icey cold beverages. Thank goodness for freebies (if only they had an all-night delivery service)! Sundance is offering free samples of its Organic Life Teas. I'm wondering what can be new about iced tea with flavorings? According to the web site, these drinks are "a fusion of exotic superfruits and health-promoting natural teas. So if you think you've had something similar before, you're in for a surprise. These are vibrant, refreshing drinks, blending the best attributes of tea and juice."

Sounds like marketing-speak to me but I'm willing to try it for free! The web site says you'll also get some "cool stuff."

Every day, WalletPop will be bringing you information about a fantastic freebie. Like what you see? Check back tomorrow for more!

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