Ah -- the curse of the reality TV show about what a heartwarming relationship two people have.

First we saw The Nick and Jessica Show on MTV followed by their divorce a couple years later and now VH1 is following suit. Hogan Knows Best was an entertaining show about former wrestler Hulk Hogan's life with his family, showing that the Hulk was really just a nice family man after all.

Now his estranged wife is asking a judge to throw him in jail -- where he could possibly share a cell with son, who is serving time in the poky for a car accident that seriously injured his friend.

to The Associated Press, Hogan and his wife Linda Bollea are supposed to split the cost of a $4.2 million condo in Las Vegas. The Hulk hasn't paid his share and now Linda wants him locked up.

Nick and Hulk in jail -- now that is a reality show that could bring in the ratings. FOX, get on that.

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