Evelyn Nieves' Associated Press article has some really good news about a new breed of Gen Xers and Y's. The Sunday Telegraph of London coined the acronym, YAWN (Young And Wealthy Normal). These are young, successful men and women who have decided to do something different than shopping until they drop. Paris Hilton: you're going out of style.

Though the group has its share of high-tech success stories and dot.com millionaires, Nieves says that, "Yawns are actually a subset of a growing global movement of the eco-socially aware. The state of the economy and the state of the planet have inspired people to consider what they buy and how they spend in ways not seen since the 'Small is Beautiful' and ecology movements of the 1970's. "

YAWNS are young people who are choosing frugal lives and humanitarian projects. They choose normal sizes homes over McMansions, donate significant money to worthy causes, and drive energy efficient vehicles. Not only that but, "Second-hand stores are to Yawns what the Gap was to yuppies."

It sounds like the 60's - except that unlike hippies, yawns are financially savy.


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