Some deals only come around once or twice a year, but offer savings that justify the wait. This post is part of our series on such 'don't miss' sales.

Would the men kindly avert their eyes for a moment? Or just focus closely on the model to the right. Thanks.

OK, ladies. Don't deny it. Victoria's Secret has us right where it wants us. A sexy-but-accessible brand name, it lures us with the one-two punch of retail: It is both practical AND frivolous. We all need new undies and bras from time to time. And we all want to wear pretty little lacy things under our clothes.

It's no wonder we all wait patiently for its vaunted semi-annual sale. Held each year in January and May, just as we're getting a little bored with the bras in the drawer, the store brings out its signature pink bins, and fills them with cute underthings at up to 70% off.

Quality lingerie is pricey, and Victoria's Secret is no bargain for its mid-range quality. All the more reason to shop the sales, during which underwear is $3.99 and bras are marked down to start at $12.99.

Watch for announcements and listen for buzz as the sale approaches. Keep in mind that they start almost a full month online before hitting the bricks & mortar store.

We now return to our regular posting. You can tune in again, men. Guys? Hello...

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