As the holiday season approaches, we thought you might appreciate some gift suggestions with a twist, appropriate for those on your list who aren't satisfied with the same old, same old.

Here at WalletPop, we're huge fans of frugality -- In my own life, I often find myself dancing on the line between frugality and being a cheap jerk who nobody likes.

And here, $5.97 courtesy of, is The Freeloader Fork -- It extends up to 2 feet, and it's perfect for pilfering food from Mr. Rich and Suave at dinner who shelled out the $18.95 for steak. After all, one can only eat so many soup crackers.

To avoid awkward moments, I would recommend creating a dinner table diversion to distract Mr. Rich and Suave from his meal. A couple suggestions:

"Holy cow! Look at the TV. (NASDAQ: OSTK) actually turned a profit!"

"Hey, who's that girl making out with Clay Aiken?"

These should allow you just enough time to swoop in for the kill. And even if you're not a freeloader yourself, this is a pretty cool gag gift for the Scrooge in your life. Just don't expect anything in return.

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